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Fortified Tower - Stone Segment(5)

Fortified Wall - Stone Segment(3)

Tower - Stone Segment(4)

Chair - Plank(2)

Bookshelf - Plank(4)

End Table - Plank(2)

Stone Well - Rope(1) + Boulder(4)

Sandstone Well - Sandstone(4) + Clay(2)

Fence - Plank(2)

Ladder - Plank(2)

Table - Plank(4)

Lumbermill - Wood Segment(4)

Stationary Crude Torch - Rod(1) + Foilage(1)

Stationary Cloth Torch - Rod(1) + Cloth(1)

Wall - Stone Segment(2)

Cotton Gin - Wood Segment(2)

Mill - Wood Segment(3)

Palisade Door - Wood Segment(2)

Palisade Tower - Wood Segment(3)

Palisade Wall - Wood Segment(2)

Hut - [Wood Segment(2) + Foilage Thatch(1)] OR Sandtone Segment(3) OR Rock Segment(3)

Granary - Stone Segment(2) OR Wood Segment(2) OR Sandstone Segment(2)


Frigate - Wood Hull(8) + Sail(4) + Window(1)

Schooner - Wood Hull(4) + Sail(2)

Catapult - Wood Hull(3) + Rope(2)

Siege Tower - Wood Hull(6)

Sailboat - Wood Hull(2) + Sail(1)

Cart - Wood Hull(2)

Raft - Wood Log(3)


Cloth Torch - Haft(1) + Cloth(1)

Bucket - Rope(1) + [Bush Stump OR Tin(4) OR Mithiril(4)]

Flint and Steel - Small Stone(1) + Steel(1)

Clay Jug - Clay(3)

Pickaxe - Haft(1) + [Small Stone(3) OR Copper(3) OR Bronze(3) OR Iron(3) OR Steel(3) OR Mithiril(3)]

Axe - Haft(1) + [Small Stone(2) OR Copper(2) OR Bronze(2) OR Iron(2) OR Steel(2) OR Mithiril(2)]

Knife - Haft(1) + [Small Stone(1) OR Copper(1) OR Bronze(1) OR Iron(1) OR Steel(1) OR Mithiril(1)]

Sword - Haft(1) + [Copper(4) OR Bronze(4) OR Iron(4) OR Steel(4) OR Mithiril(4)]

Club - Haft(1)

Flint - Small Stone(1)

Crude Torch - Haft(1) + Foilage(1)


Uncooked Apple Pie - Dough(1) + Apple(3)

Uncooked Banana Bread - Dough(1) + Banana(2)

Uncooked Berry Pie - Dough(1) + Berry(5)

Uncooked Bread - Dough(1)

Fruit Salad - Clay Dish(1) + Banana(1) + Apple(1) + Orange(1) + Berry(2)


Flour - Wheat Bundle put inside a Mill

Dough - Water on Flour

Glass - Cook Sand

Window - Glass(2)

Vial - Glass(1)

Bomb - Gunpowder(2) + Cloth(1)

Wheat Bundle - Wheat(4)

Sandstone - Sand(4)

Gunpowder - Sulfur(1) + Coal(1)

Plank - Tree Trunk put into a Lumber Mill

Tree Trunk - Large Tree Trunk(1)

Sail - Cloth(2)

Cloth - Cotton(3)

Cotton  - Cotton Boll(3)

Steel - Iron(1) + Coal(1)

Rope - String(2) OR Cotton(2) OR Flax(4)

Stone Segment - Boulder(2)

Rod - Tree Trunk(1) OR Haft(2)

Haft - Rod(1) OR Bush Stump(1) OR Stalk(1)

Small Stone - Stone(1)

Boulder - Stone(2)

Wood Segment - Tree Trunk(2) OR Large Tree Trunk(1) OR Plank(2)

Wood Hull - Tree Trunk(2) OR Large Tree Trunk(1) OR Plank(2)

Seat - Bush Stump(1)

Foilage Thatch - Foilage(2) OR Large Foilage(1)

Clay Dish - Clay(1)

Bronze - Copper(1) + Tin(1)

String - Flax(2) OR Cotton(1)

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